Hosted Survey Lite

Hosted Survey Liteā„¢ helps the survey designer define the questions, answer options, navigation, messaging, and “look and feel” of your survey using an interactive, online data entry system.

No desktop software, installations or downloads are required. Survey designers can log in to your private, secure account and complete the design and setup of a survey in a fraction of the time of traditional desktop publishing methods. Designers can personalize the forms and questionnaires by adding optional logos, images, colors, backgrounds, custom navigation buttons, and text, through a simple, point-and-click user interface.
It’s this easy:

  • Create your survey by typing your questions in a form-based template. Your survey can be any length with an unlimited number of questions and answers.
  • Personalize your survey by adding logo, images, colors, backgrounds, and custom navigation buttons and text. Customize your welcome and exit pages. Personalize your email invitations (optional).
  • Preview and test your survey, and you are ready to Go Live! Respondents can take your survey directly from your web site, or click on a hyperlink within a personalized email invitation you send them. As soon as responses are submitted, results are tabulated and stored in a secure database.
  • View results and monitor the progress of your survey in real time. Executive reports show survey results, frequency counts, distributions and other statistics, as well as graphs, and free-form comments. Export data for further analysis and reporting, or to integrate with other databases.

Your data remains in your database for as long as you wish. Keep historical data to understand trends, see changes over time, and make comparisons. Or you may extract your data to your own computer and permanently delete it from the hosted database at any time.

Create your first survey right now. If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to call us (and talk to a real person) toll free at (800) 211-6967, or (949) 585-1500. Or, send email to Customer Service. We’ll respond today, if possible, or always by the next business day.


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